A Beautiful New Arrival

WELL! ! ! Aloha!

It’s been a very long time; six month have passed and so much has happened. Unfortunately, not much of it has been crafting. In lieu of crafting, I have achieved my Office Assistant Certificate, my Administrative Professional Certification, got a new/old job, went full time at my new/old job, and I became a gramma. I’m driving a truck again. While it’s not clerical, it is helping me to pay bills and, maybe, getting some accrued bills paid off!

Hopefully, at some point, I will get back to doing some awesome crafting. I have begun a quilt and am planning many scrapbooking pages of baby Casey! Accomplishing some of that should appear in here at some point in the near future…at least not six more months from now!

Until then, here are a few pictures:

IMG_6240 Mom_Ceremony-152IMG_6241

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBabyCasey_10-DaysOld-110407696_10152463306725731_8141905583616698034_n


Until we meet again ~ Thanks for your patience and for stopping by!


Scrapbooking December Birthdays – adult man-child o’mine

Aloha, my scrappy friends!

At this time of year, one might expect to see demos and examples of Christmas layouts. However, I have to take care of first things first! So, even though I have a sister whose birthday is in December and I always thought that was unfair because, invariably, SOME one combines her bday presents with Christmas ~ I SWORE I’d never have a child in December. Well….I never PLANNED to have a child in December. Any guesses when my very first child was born??? Hint: See the following Pre-Christmas layout.

I do strive every year to keep his birthday separate from ‘The Big Day’; but with each year the green and red appears earlier and earlier, it’s difficult to do. We’ve always waited till AFTER his birthday to deck the halls, put up the tree, start the baking and shopping and wrapping. When he was young, we actually tried to give him the option of celebrating ‘His’ day in a different month, with the caveat that he could have a cake and presents on his ‘substitute’ day, and I’d even make him a bonus cake on his birthday – but not 2 sets of presents. That didn’t work out very well… However, I still to this day try to make a point of trying to celebrate his day and not let it slip into the season.

This year, with a tight budget, I told him that I was going to just make a big pot of spaghetti with some garlic and Parmesan french bread, and have his brothers and all their girlfriends over for dinner and cake.

How Ben 'Celebrates' 33!

How Ben ‘Celebrates’ 33!

The journaling says: Ben’s 33rd Bday. He told his brother what he wanted for dinner (my homemade pizza), but he didn’t tell ME. After 32 years of baking birthday cakes for him, he didn’t tell ME that he doesn’t eat cake anymore (he’s dating a gluten-free vegan). It may not have been a ‘perfect’ day, but we did celebrate the passage of time with family ♥

Next: I am currently working on a video of the mini-album that I made for my mom for Christmas. It turned out better than I expected and adorable!!! There’s your preview of coming attractions.

I’d also like to take this opportunity, as long as we are talking “sneak previews”, to share my favorite Christmas gift with all of you. This came from my 2nd son and his wife:

Screen Shot 2013-12-25 at 6.07.22 PM

MUCH Aloha to all! and a Happy New Year!

Creek Walk ~ Scrapbooking a Double Page Layout with 30 Pictures !

Aloha to all my Crafty Friends!

Just a little update:

This week I sent off the embellishments from the  contest that I drew the 2 winners from 2 weeks ago. Each package has 12 different florettes, several of which were in the video on how to make them, and then I added a few more. I’m still amazed that they are traveling all the way to India and want to say thank you, again, to Konica and Jesse for participating!

We still have our house guest, borrowing my craft room, as she works on lining up her ducks for the next phase in the adventures of life. This week, as we talked, she mentioned that being in nature really helps her to relax and feel connected, so I told her about the creek by my house. I love the creek; I love watching the seasons and cycles of wildlife and water. I like having a place to get away from the traffic without having to go too far from home. Throughout the seasons, I have taken quite a few pictures of the characters and points of interest along the path. Someone has a collection of different varieties of exotic chickens. There is a massive bee population in one of the trees that you have to make sure you stir clear of in the summer. Boysenberries ripen along the steep drop to the creek all summer long. Squirrels scamper across branches, leaping from limb to limb, when they aren’t stopping to bark at you. As I shared it with her, I decided that’s what I would share with you this week too.

For this double paged layout I squeezed in THIRTY pictures. Of course, many of them are small 2×2 inch closeups of some of the highlights along the path. The larger photos are ‘approximately’ 3.5×5 inches. I trimmed each one to be as close to a proportional match as it needed to be to fill the spaces that opposed the 2×2 block groupings. It’s as simple as that. I fit in a little journaling and felt that with so many pictures, extra embellishments would just look cluttered. It seems like a lot to hear that number, but each photo I didn’t include felt like a sacrifice. I’m pleased by having sorted and chosen just these 30 precious memories and made a cohesive layout. I hope you agree!



Remember, you can click on each image to enlarge if you would like to see the 2 inch photos of leaping, or up-side-down bird-seed-snitchin’ squirrels, ducks, turtles, mistletoe, cranes, berries, grapes, rusty old red truck, and various flowers!

This coming week is Finals for me, and I’m not sure if I might take a break for a week or two, with Christmas and job hunting on the horizon. On the other hand, I might be so happy to be out of school that I’ll throw a party on the island! At this point, that would be a loveliest surprise! We’ll have to wait and see!

Until then ~ Mahalo and Much Aloha ~

Remember, during What can sometimes be a hectic time of year, take time to ground your self with some physical activity and reconnect with the serenity and gifts of nature.

Mele Kalikimaka!


Not Scrapbooking, For a Change ~ Quilting!

…Although, I’m Sure I’ll Scrap It at Some Point!

Aloha, my crafty friends ~

This week there has been a change in the  population of my island. We have a visitor who washed up on the shore last Wednesday. She is hoping a rescue ship will sail by sometime in early January. In the meantime, she has set up a lean-to in the middle of my island. The plan is to have access and be back to playing there next month.

In the meantime, with limited access on the island, I’m going to pull an older project out of my treasure chest to share with you this week in the form of a beautiful Rainbow Quilt. This quilt was an eleventh hour decision to be an attention-getting raffle quilt for  an event that I was privileged to participate in two years ago. (Note the length of my hair back then! HA!) I bought the fabric and threw this together in a very focused and concentrated effort, working on it each evening; I had to put it together in about three weeks.

As this project happened two years ago, before this blog was a twinkle in my eye, this will merely be a ‘Show & Tell’ post. My best guess is that the strips were 2 1/2 inches, and the individual blocks were 6 1/2 inches? Instructions for this pattern, Irish Chain, are pretty easy to put together and prolific on YouTube in a range of measurements to your liking. Mostly, you’ll get the motion of  the quilting process, and we’ll establish that I may go into more detail on another quilt project sometime in the new year!

This quilt was a raffled to help my  ELCA/RIC church, meet our neighbors at the Gay Pride Parade in Guerneville, CA, in 2012.    It was titled Rainbow Sherbert and was won by a lovely lady from Santa Rosa.

So, that’s about it for this week. I am looking forward to getting back to the island. I may have to sneak in closer to Christmas.

For now, mahalo for stopping by ~~~

~ My Isle of Entropy ~

Scrapbook Embellishment Winners: Where Are You?

Aloha my crafty friends!

So, two weeks ago I posted a blog and video about making some of your own embellishments and offered to send some to two people who cross-referenced themselves in comments to that blog. I said that on December 1st I would have a drawing from those names and announce the winners. I’m pleased to announce that we have some winners!!!the-winners-are

Konica and Jesse ! ! !

Now I just need you two to check you Facebook messages and email and get back to me. Congratulations and thank you both so much for participating. Who would have thought this blog would have reached so far. Totally exciting!

So, while I wait for their response, I’d like to share with you my proudest accomplishment and share that winning feeling. Here are two pages that I did in the past, but cherish as much today as when I put them together.


These are my four sons~ Ben, Jeff, David, and Michael; circa 1989

 The little tag inserted into the top of the page says~

When I was in 3rd grade my girlfriend’s dad asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up?

The page answers~

The only thing I ever really knew I wanted to be: Your MOM

314568_276271385724523_934872696_nThese are my four sons on the best Mother’s Day, so far; circa 2011

The insert says~

Mother’s Day 2011

I told the boys that for Mother’s day I wanted them each to prepare a course for dinner from scratch;

all plans were up to them to coordinate. They each brought a course:

Michael ~  Green Salad with feta cheese and strawberries

Ben ~ Crab Ravioli with Fettuccine Sauce

David ~ Salmon with Raspberry Sauce

Jeff ~ Chocolate Cake * decorated!

You Guys Rock!!!

I hope to hear from my winners soon. I hope that all of you are planning a Mele Kalikimaka. I’d love to hear your plans!

Feel free to share your Crafty Christmas plans in the comments.


Mahalo & Aloha ~~~



Happy Thanksgiving Card & Custom Envelope

Aloha, crafty friends!

Perhaps this isn’t what you were expecting as a Hallmark-ish version of a Thanksgiving card. However, technically, is is every bit of a really appropriate giving of much thanks!

My oven has been dying and unreliable for several months. For the most part, we’ve been putting off the repair and getting by with the stove and the microwave until I’m out of school and …well…. employed! However – the holiday season is upon us! How can we go through Thanksgiving (and Christmas) with no pies and cookies, and an extra heat source in the house that has the bonus of smelling heavenly! So, when my sister asked if I could bring the pumpkin pie for turkeyday, I had to throw in the towel on being a house-repair-miser. (And, believe me, this is only the first of several that were/are on my ‘once I’m re-employed’ to-do list.)

So, Social Media Maven that I now am(bwaahahahaha), I went on Facebook (currently the 3rd largest search engine in use) to find a reliable local repairman. I found Richard’s Appliance Service in Santa Rosa, CA. They advertise: Your Time is Valuable, so we provide fast service and we’ll call ahead at work or cell… No waiting!” I called a 9:30am; they were at the house at 1:30pm. Sean did a great job and now I am Holiday-Ready and genuinely SO very grateful to have my oven working again that I thought they rated a personalized card! Here goes!

To celebrate my newly repaired oven, the second the repairman left I immediately started baking cookies, of course! With this card in mind, I took pictures. (Taking an acceptable picture was the most time consuming part of making this card! Those pans of cookies just wouldn’t settle down!) I uploaded the pictures to my computer and created the front of the card with MS Word 2007 <–which is a bit difficult once you are used to using 2010!!!


Next, I set out to create an envelope big enough for my card, which means an adventure in my craft room. YAY! Here are the supplies that I used:


With large cards I find it’s easiest to make an envelope using 2 pieces of paper appropriate for covering the size of card you made and taking into consideration a coordinating print. if desired. After printing my card out, I folded it and trimmed it down a little to about 5 x 8 inches. Since my card was going to men, I felt I should use craft paper would give it a masculine feel. For the envelope:

Trim one piece of Craft paper (or your choice of cardstock) a 1/4 to 1/2 an inch larger than your card. This will be the ‘Back’.

Trim a second piece of paper to 1/2 inch larger than the first  on 3 sides, and 1  1/2 inches on the fourth side. This 4th side will be the opening of the card pocket. This piece will be the ‘Front’ of you envelope.

Next, I used my Martha Stewart Scoring Board and scoring tool to gently compress the pending folds of the envelope at the 1/2 inch and the 1  1/2 inch measurements. Then I cut out the corners using my corner rounder on the 1 1/2 inch flap, and pressed the folds with the scoring tool and glued the smaller  piece of paper in place as the back of the envelope.

I wrote my letter of gratitude (Zig Archival Ball pen – purple) and used the Tsukineko Terra Cotta,Walnut Ink spray  in my fancy-schmancy spray box. I had to dry it a bit with my heat tool because it stayed wet for quite a while! (I don’t think I had this problem in the summer. Hmmmn…)  I sponged the edges with Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Aged Mahogany and Dusty Concord. Next I used my favorite go-to rubber stamps with the Dusty Concord distressed ink on both the envelope and the card.


I’m so grateful that you stopped by to visit today.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, friends and Aloha~


PS. Don’t forget to check in next week to see who will win the Give-Away from last week. If you haven’t entered yet – You and your crafty friends still have till December 1st.

Crafty Friends Embellishment Give-Away Contest

Aloha ~

Here is a quick demo of how I make my florets AND instructions to participate in a give-away that I hope will encourage people to visit my fledgling blog  and let me know you were here, converse, comment! Share the scrap booking aloha! The instructions for the Give-Away will be posted down below. Participation will begin on 11/12/13 and the drawing will occur on 12/1/13. The 2 winners will be notified shortly thereafter. Have your crafty friends c’mon over and play along! ~ myisleofentropy.wordpress.com


Obviously, I’m not a professional videographer ~ Sorry, my film card reached capacity while demonstrating, so there is a Part 1 followed by a shorter Part 2:


The Rules:

  1. You and one (or more) of your crafty friends will BOTH view this post (per chance several entries.)
  2. Next, each of you leave your own comment at the end of THIS post and include your friend’s name – a version of it that they use in their comment so that I will recognize them as your crafty friend when they post.
  3. On December 1st, I will cross reference the comments of this post and find the ‘friends’ who participated. Those sets of names will go into a drawing and one set of friends will be chosen.
  4. I will announce the name of the winners shortly after 12/1, contact you for mailing instructions, and ship 5-10 of florets each to you and your crafty friend!

It’s as simple as that. Bonus, hardly anyone knows about my blog, so your odds are REALLY good! Go ahead, email your friend(s) and share my blog. I’m really excited about hearing from you and building community.

Good luck and lots of Aloha!

IMG_5953 IMG_5951 IMG_5966 IMG_5968 430065_376683022350025_448936735_n