Scrapbook Embellishment Winners: Where Are You?

Aloha my crafty friends!

So, two weeks ago I posted a blog and video about making some of your own embellishments and offered to send some to two people who cross-referenced themselves in comments to that blog. I said that on December 1st I would have a drawing from those names and announce the winners. I’m pleased to announce that we have some winners!!!the-winners-are

Konica and Jesse ! ! !

Now I just need you two to check you Facebook messages and email and get back to me. Congratulations and thank you both so much for participating. Who would have thought this blog would have reached so far. Totally exciting!

So, while I wait for their response, I’d like to share with you my proudest accomplishment and share that winning feeling. Here are two pages that I did in the past, but cherish as much today as when I put them together.


These are my four sons~ Ben, Jeff, David, and Michael; circa 1989

 The little tag inserted into the top of the page says~

When I was in 3rd grade my girlfriend’s dad asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up?

The page answers~

The only thing I ever really knew I wanted to be: Your MOM

314568_276271385724523_934872696_nThese are my four sons on the best Mother’s Day, so far; circa 2011

The insert says~

Mother’s Day 2011

I told the boys that for Mother’s day I wanted them each to prepare a course for dinner from scratch;

all plans were up to them to coordinate. They each brought a course:

Michael ~  Green Salad with feta cheese and strawberries

Ben ~ Crab Ravioli with Fettuccine Sauce

David ~ Salmon with Raspberry Sauce

Jeff ~ Chocolate Cake * decorated!

You Guys Rock!!!

I hope to hear from my winners soon. I hope that all of you are planning a Mele Kalikimaka. I’d love to hear your plans!

Feel free to share your Crafty Christmas plans in the comments.


Mahalo & Aloha ~~~




8 thoughts on “Scrapbook Embellishment Winners: Where Are You?

  1. What a great idea – aside from all of the fantastic crafts, of course – having a cross-media contest, I love it! Your page looks great and I enjoy coming to see what’s new. I used to love crafting but haven’t had the space for it in quite a while…looking forward to getting started up again once I’m in a bigger space (starting this weekend, yay!). Thanks for the inspiration! CS5711

  2. Hi Marry!!! thankyou so much for giving us the opprtunity…it was fun participating! would love to see more of your they are awesome.

  3. MARY. I do not see any emails about you responding to my comments. I think it’s because it’s on your blog and not mine 😦 But if you can see my email from this comment, maybe you can email me directly and you’ll have my email address!

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